Get the Most out of Your Kindle with These 4 Tools

Take screenshots, get reading statistics, export your highlights, and remove the ads from your Kindle

1. Screenshots

Did you know that you can take screenshots on most recent Kindles? This is useful for quickly sharing a passage, showing an editor or developer a display issue, and sharing tips in an article like this one.

2. Reading Statistics with Kindle FreeTime

I’ve wanted reading statistics on my Kindle for a long time. It wasn’t available in the main settings, so I gave up on it and kept track of my reading on my own.

3. Export your Highlights and Notes with

The highlights and notes you make on your Kindle are saved on the device in a file named “My Clippings.txt”. You can access it by connecting to your Kindle to your computer via USB. If you take this file and upload it to, you can edit, search, tag and annotate these highlights. Then you can publish them to Evernote or export them to Word, Excel, plain text, or PDF.

4. How to Remove the Ads from your Kindle

The price of Kindles are partially subsidized by ad sales. They show up on your lock screen when the device is turned off and you get special offers based on what you’ve read recently.

Product Manager at Praxis, photographer, and problem solver. In my spare time I read, cook, and make data visualizations.

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